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PT. Megaxus Infotech

Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No.50
Jakarta 12790 - Indonesia

Our Customer Service will also be ready to serve you with various questions or complaints that you want to convey about Megaxus games on the telephone number listed above or you can send an e-mail to

Game Master :

Send an email to Gamemaster Counter-Strike Online if you find violations, bugs, problems and questions in the Counter-Strike Online game.

Note : if you find a voucher problem (incorrect print, the print is not too clear, the print is lost due to being rubbed too hard, etc.) please send an email to

Nickname Rank Level
FpFNoNaMa 72
versioN 72
AOHmagix 72
GlenMorenZi 72
Clan Level Exp
FpFMaStEr 19 449310
Cappuccino 19 412046
ConseptGOMII 18 397348
KnightOfTheZodiac 18 390412
BanciKalengClub 15 229497
Nickname Kill
SoEIDeJourNa 365155
JandaNekat 355338
versioN 203456
JhonStallone 177730