[30 May, 2018] Perubahan Tampilan Counter-Strike Online

Salute Soldier. This is Counter-Strike Online Nexon Developers.

Game functions will be significantly changed in the 6/7(Wed) patch.

We would like to talk about the background of the update and what the development team has been thinking about.

The matching system, which was conducted last October, was for following reasons :

1. more enjoyable and realistic gameplay by matching players with similar level of skills.

2. providing a quick and convenient UI to participate in games, reducing the accessibility requirement needed to start a game.

By looking at the results after applying the actualy patch, some of the results show a positive fulfilment of the reasons above.

In fact, many users enjoyed the game through match making system and the hurdle for gameplay has been reduced.

However, with the introduction of a matching system, the traditional custom game was separated providing smaller pool of users due to seperated system.

Furthermore, for the Loyal users that have been with us for a while, may have felt the additional system has limited the freedom of game choice and option settings.

There were also users who complained about their inconvenience starting a game.

Therefore, through this patch we wish to keep the existing purposes

But to correct the above inconveniences.


- Unification of seperated user pool

In order to fix the problem, we are removing match-making system from all normal games, and will be integrated with custom games.

We believe that users will more likely have better experience through playing in a larger pool of custom games.

But, match-making system will be maintained only for Ranking system which will be implemented later this year.


- Keeping the game start process convenient

To maintain a positive, fast and easy start to the game

Additional quick start features similar to the current match are provided.

If users select the desired mode through this function,

It will automatically recommend rooms to quickly join the game.


- Improved room UI for easy start of game

In the case of studio maps, it was previously not possible to set the room title separately by displaying the map name in the room title.

After the patch, it will normally appear in the map name so that the users can set the room title separately.

In addition, room title search, studio and general map filter classification are added

making the room information easier to look.

If you're playing a game in a room, you can see that it's just started with a progress indicator.

It is displayed in green to make it easier for the joining users to recognize.

If you wanted to create additional rooms, you would have to create and enter any room before changing the settings.

After this update, the default settings for the room you want to create will be chosen and then the room will be created.

This would encourage other users to look at the room information that was generated

reducing the number of miss-entering the room.


- Improve game entrance

We are also improving the process of viewing the map information or selection of the classes in order to reduce inconveniences posed on the waiting and playing users.

Map information that requires unnecessary input from the users is deleted. There will be a time-limit for class selection and the studio entrance screen. Once the timer runs out, the user automatically participates the game.

Even after joing the game, if the user does not move, he/she will automatically kicked out.

The goal is to make the game play more meaningful.


We hope this update will make the game more enjoyable and comfortable.

Thank you to all the users who support and love Counter-Strike Online.


Thank you.

Never Fall Back.





Salute Soldier,

Counter-Strike Online akan mengalami perubahan pada tampilannya.

Perubahan tersebut meliputi :


1. Penghapusan Match Making.

Matchmaking akan dihapus dari game Counter-Strike Online dan akan diintegrasi dengan Custom Game. Matchmaking tetap akan digunnakan pada sistem Ranking yang akan diimplementasi tahun ini.

2. Quick Start.

Fitur Quick Start akan ditambahkan untuk memudahkan pemain saat akan bermain. Quick Start memiliki fitur yang serupa dengan Matchmaking. Pemain yang menggunakan fitur Quick Start akan diberikan pilihan room custom game yang sesuai dengan mode yang diinginkan.

3.Perubahan UI Room.

Perubahan terjadi untuk studio map, pemain bisa merubah nama room dan nama map yang ditunjukkan di kolom "Map". Penambahan sistem penyaringan pencarian room untuk memudahkan pemain mencari room yang diinginkan.

4. Penambahan Fitur Time limit.

Fitur Time limit selama 60 detik digunakan pada semua mode saat pemilihan class dan screen masuk studio mode. Ketika waktu habis, maka pemain akan bergabung kedalam game secara otomatis.




 Never Fall Back

Team Counter-Strike Online Indonesia